ARIPO is governed by various organs. These organs are; the Council of Ministers, Administrative Council, Board of Appeal and the Secretariat. The Administrative Council has subsidiary bodies, namely Finance Committee, Audit Committee, Staff Affairs Committee and four Technical Committees.

Council of Ministers

The Council of Ministers comprises Ministers of governments of the ARIPO Member States who are responsible for the administration of intellectual property laws in their respective countries. It is the supreme organ of the Organization. The Republic of Botswana is the current Chairman of the Council of Ministers. The Chairman serves for one term of two years.

Administrative Council

The Administrative Council is composed of heads of offices responsible for intellectual property and copyright in the Member States. The Administrative Council is subordinate to the Council and has subsidiary Committees in place to administer the affairs of ARIPO. These are Finance, Audit, Staff Affairs and Technical Committees. The Republic of Botswana is the current Chairman of the Administrative Council, having taken over from The Republic of Zimbabwe at the 47th Session of the Administrative Council. The Chairman serves for one term of two years.

Board of Appeal

The Board of Appeal was established at the 21st session of the ARIPO Administrative Council session and began operations in 2001. The role of this Board is to preside over disputes raised against decisions made by the ARIPO in relation to the ARIPO protocols. In accordance with the Harare Protocol, the Board consists of five (5) persons experienced in intellectual property matters, two (2) of whom are examiners. At least one examiner is required to be present at all sittings of the Board. The Board of Appeal is appointed every two years by the Administrative Council and operates independently from all the other organs of the Organization.